Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Early Merry Christmas, And A Blurb...

Hi, Everyone!

I hope you're all surviving the madness that happens around this time. I'm trying to avoid it myself, but I don't think I've been too successful. Especially when I look at the date and realize IT'S ALREADY THE 19TH OF DECEMBER. O.o It's fairly easy to forget the encroaching holiday when you live in a desert.

Still, we've been trying to "set the mood" with Elf, christmas cookies, and the nutcracker soundtrack. It helps if I keep the draperies closed, too. Also, since we get dust storms in lieu of snow storms, we managed to go and see the new Disney movie, Frozen. Have any of you seen it yet? I LOVED IT. It was such a gorgeous movie, and I appreciated the "sisterly" themes in this one. Good job, Disney!

Well, with the release of BREATH OF DRAGONS around the corner, it's now the proud owner of a book blurb. You know, one of those short summaries that tell you what it's about. For those of you that are interested in knowing, here you go!

But! If you haven't read the first two, there's a bit of a spoiler in this. Consider yourself warned!

....last chance to look away...

After Prince Alaric's death, Daria and Alex set off in search of the legendary box of the Pandors'. The box is famed to hold a secret of power—one strong enough to overcome Lord Eris and the shield of power he stole from Valdon. Daria doesn't know where the box is hidden, but she can't ignore the silent urging, beckoning her to the land of Pendel—the land her mother, Aurora Pandor, was from.

Time is running out. Lord Eris's army of shadowguard vastly outnumber Valdon's forces, and if Daria doesn't find the box in time, Valdon will need reinforcements from the other territories to survive. But those territories will not hand over their armies willingly, not without Daria's hand in marriage.

And there is another, older power rising, one that hasn't been seen in centuries—one thought lost since the days of Galahad: the dragons.


I hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe and happy New Year! And just because I love him...


  1. I skipped the blurb since your books are still in my TBR pile. :/

    1. Haha! That's okay... but thanks for adding them to your TBR! :D Merry Christmas!


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