Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hoo-Hoo! (...Baby #2 and Book #4 progress...)

Sooooo it's been a few months, and my blog was beginning to look like this:

...which is sorta how my head feels at the moment. 

Anyway! At some point last week, it finally dawned on me that we're having another baby boy in one month. I *sorta* had a mini-panic attack, and then I took a nap. It was probably the best thing ever. This whole pregnancy has gone by so fast, because...

(1) Contrasting last pregnancy, this time around has been a walk in the park. Seriously. I can walk in the park. Those of you who had the mischance of speaking to me during that other period of my life know that a walk in the park is a HUGE DEAL.

(2) Chasing Brahm, who is 1.5yrs old and EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME, has kept me, um, preoccupied, and

(3) What little mental capacity I have left has all been going into writing book 4.

I've spaced on so many things, like phone calls and emails (sorry!) and water bills. No, really, I forgot to pay our water bill and they shut our water off. Luckily, I caught it soon enough and it was back on within a few hours. Not my proudest moment...


I've had numerous questions on the progress of Book #4 (Heir of Pendel), so I'd thought I'd address that here before I experience yet another tumbleweed infestation. I'm working hard on it every single day, and still shooting for a release of January 2015. So far, that deadline seems feasible; I've already finished one draft. I've been keeping track of my progress on this blog, so if you're ever curious, you can look for yourself in the upper right-hand corner, just below this blog's header.

But it's coming right along and so far, I've had so much fun writing it. I can't always say that about books. That being said, I'm not sure how my pace will keep up once Baby #2 arrives, so please bear with me! I'm doing everything I can before he comes, because, you know, even after I finish draft two, it still has to go to my alpha-reader, my crit-partners, my betas, and editor, while I'm also making necessary revisions between each stage. I'll try my hardest to keep up with deadlines, and if things need to change, I'll let you know. (Unless Thad gets ahold of my laptop and outs me first. He's already threatened me once.)

Thanks again so much for all your enthusiasm and support, and for loving my imaginary friends as much as I guys are the best! You have no idea how much it fuels my inspiration. And thanks for sticking with me while I work hard to give you the best ending I possibly can.


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