Friday, October 5, 2012

Ben, Babies, and Justin Bieber

Just a little something funny to end the week...

Amidst my ramblings and updates, I've been asked, "Just how IS Ben handling everything?"
(Everything = dental school + being D2 Class Prez + taking care of a sick and pregnant wife for almost 9 months + insert malady here)

Well, rather than TELL you that he's nothing shy of amazing (anyone find a halo for him yet?? I'm still looking for one that's big enough...), I thought I'd just show you. Or, more accurately, let him show you himself.

He's been keeping sane in "other" ways....


A parody of Justine Bieber's "Boyfriend," as told by his D2 class.

Watch & ENJOY!!  =)

(He's Dr. KlossyFloss...)


Have a great weekend, everyone!!

...I'll be writing... :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feeling a Bit Spoiled...

...and I don't mean like bad food.


No, I (finally) started organizing things for Baby Kloss' room; after all, he'll be here NEXT MONTH. O_O But whilst I was busy, washing miniature clothing and socks and blankets in Dreft, I was...completely humbled.

Everything he has - every single item in that room - was a gift.  I couldn't - and still can't - believe all the support given by family and friends. Whether wrapped in paper or an email, it's all been incredibly overwhelming and humbling. That you would send anything to welcome our little boy to the world means soooooo much to us, and I just needed to reiterate THANK YOU.

Thank you for showering him (and us!) with so much love and support; we can't wait for him to meet you all!!!

That's all =)

The Kloss'
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