Friday, October 5, 2012

Ben, Babies, and Justin Bieber

Just a little something funny to end the week...

Amidst my ramblings and updates, I've been asked, "Just how IS Ben handling everything?"
(Everything = dental school + being D2 Class Prez + taking care of a sick and pregnant wife for almost 9 months + insert malady here)

Well, rather than TELL you that he's nothing shy of amazing (anyone find a halo for him yet?? I'm still looking for one that's big enough...), I thought I'd just show you. Or, more accurately, let him show you himself.

He's been keeping sane in "other" ways....


A parody of Justine Bieber's "Boyfriend," as told by his D2 class.

Watch & ENJOY!!  =)

(He's Dr. KlossyFloss...)


Have a great weekend, everyone!!

...I'll be writing... :D


  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh, that's AWESOME!! I love the Scope drinking... *snort*... hilarious ( :

    Now... HOW exactly did awesome-sauce Ben find time to do ALL THAT *points to crazy schedule above* AND make a music video?? O_O

    CLEARLY you've found yourself some kinda superhero man, Barb!

    1. =) SOOO glad you enjoyed it! They had so much fun making it, and I died laughing the whole time....

      Ben doesn't sleep. I think he's immortal. No, really. Though it seems as though you may have guessed that.

      Three cheers for being married to superheroes!!!

  2. There are some really outstanding men out there! Most recently, Julie and I were talking about how Rob is just made of 100% awesome sauce! The "good guys" love life, do anything to make their woman happy. Including slow dancing before bed. Right Julie? Hahaha!

    Then one day, they come up behind you and ask, "Honey, can I have a boys night? Next Saturday? And can it be "Here"?" And then you feel so selfish if you say no. LOL

    But in the name of unconditional love, you make yourself suppress the urge to cringe because you love him so much. But you still quiver at the thought of more than two full-grown men eating you out of house and home. Not to mention the role bestowed on your sofa pillows known as "Dude Blockers"-- because heaven FORBID a man's thigh should graze the man next to them.

    I encourage you to just say yes. In the best case scenario, you'll get a mountain of writing material that consists of competitions, farts, and who can belch the longest. LOL

    1. HAHAHA! "heaven FORBID a man's thigh should graze the man next to him" true.

      And yes, I TOTALLY agree: Watching "mature, adult men" in their relationships with each other is QUINTESSENTIAL for good writing material =))))

  3. What is a D2 class?
    Can't watch it, right now, but I'll try to come back later when there's less noise.

    1. Oh, sorry! D2= Dental School Class, second year. =) I should have a thesaurus, eh?

  4. I saw this on facebook and I was like... is that Barb's hubby?? Ha ha ha! What silly guys! I love this!

  5. Hey you! Just catching up with ya. Sorry you've been so sick with your pregnancy. That's rough. It's no fun being pregnant. But just you wait til your little bundle arrives. :)

  6. And that vid is hysterical! lol

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