Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Sequel has a Cover!!!!


One of the most exciting parts for me about writing is when my story gets a face. You spend months and months equipped with an imagination and a (limited) vocabulary, but the brings another dimension of life that words simply can't reach. (Plus, it's easier to mentally categorize in snapshots rather than 400+ pages... O.o)

And I'm SO excited to share the face of my sequel to GAIA'S SECRET, also known as THE KEEPER'S FLAME, which will be released this August!

In honor of book 2, I'm doing a book giveaway of GAIA'S SECRET on Goodreads. The giveaway is from May 24 - June 23, so you can sign up for it now. The link is HERE.

Thank you ALL for your support and enthusiasm and pestering along the way!! *HUGS* *SQUEEZES*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Non-Near-Death Experience

So, I haven't been on blogger for, uh, MONTHS. I've thought about blogging. Sorta. Okay, so not really. I've been distracted by going through beta feedback on my sequel, traveling all over for work, and...other things.

But! I've been inspired to blog about my most recent trip for work. Why? Because I thought I was going to die.

I'm serious.


I had been told that I'd be going to an indian reservation somewhere on the border of Arizona and New Mexico.

My first thought? "Ooooooo! Turquoise!"

(don't laugh.)

About a week before I go on this "exciting turquoise trip," I mentioned to a coworker where I was headed. This coworker's jaw drops as her eyes double in size, as she proceeds to say in a low, ominous whisper, "Has anyone warned you about it, yet?"

She then proceeds with the following list of happy things:

(1) Get off the reservation before the sun goes down.
(2) If you see a baby carrier in the middle of the road, drive around it.
(3) Don't stop - not for ANY reason! - until you get to your intended destination.
(4) If the road suddenly turns to dirt, turn around immediately.
(5) You probably won't get cell reception, either, if you need help.

This was my response...


...and I forgot all about turquoise. Instead, I started thinking about zombies...

Apparently, gangs are prevalent on reservations. I did not know this. I also didn't realize that major freeways didn't access these reservations. You have to turn down roads called Indian Routes. They wind all over who knows where, and many of them are dirt roads - or they turn into them.

You bet I Google Earthed my route.

The day arrived, I took my GPS - I even printed a map just in case - and I embarked on my 5.5 hour drive to my doom.


It was totally and utterly uneventful. *wipes brow*

HOWEVER! I got some photos that I wanted to share. because I think the scenery was wild and beautiful. Of course, the pictures are from the car because I refused to stop and get out to take them :D I apologize in advance for the lackluster quality.

On my way there. Highway 40 runs from Flagstaff to Albuquerque.

HOPE. Scenery change. THREE HOURS of flatlands,
and I'm about to turn on my Indian Route. I'm also a little
scared at this point, but distracted by the colorful rock.

My PAVED Indian Route. *preens*
It was a very pretty drive, too! Sorry about the bug
splatter on my windshield...You already know
why I wouldn't stop...

My biggest adventure: avoiding livestock. There were NO fences along
the 30ish mile RTE. I drove through a pack of about 6 horses, happily eating grass
on both sides of the rode. And cows, and sheep...

Navajo country, and the reason for this blog.
Rock formations like this were everywhere! So beautiful.

And now I'm back "safely" in my hotel room, reveling in life and enjoying the scenery. :D Since I'm feeling so safe, I may even try and find some turquoise tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday!
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