Sunday, January 6, 2019

THE GODS OF MEN Audiobook is Available!... and a giveaway!

Yooohooo, and a Happy New Year!

The audiobook version of THE GODS OF MEN is available! I'm STOKED. Emma Lysy, the narrator, did a FANTASTIC job, so enjoy! 

You can find the audiobook in one of three places:

I'll be giving away a select number of free Audible download codes early this week, so if you'd like the chance at one, make sure you've signed up for my newsletter: HERE. (I promise I don't spam!)

ALSO. If any of you would like the opportunity to read some great YA books in exchange for reviews, stop by the Young Adult Book Stop, run by Jessica Pierce. It's a great author/reader community, and authors frequently offer free ARCs (advanced reader copies) for reviews... so check it out! 

Hope you guys are settling into the New Year! I am... tired. :D The past month with Baby Girl has
been a bit of a blur.
Image result for boo sleepy animated gif

It's a phase - I know! - and a short one. Meanwhile... 

Image result for guzzling coffee gif

But! Despite the fatigue, I can actually look at words again (oh happy day!). So I'm back to working on GODS #2, and chipping away at my TBR pile (which turned into a monster this past year). So send your favorite book recommendations my way, please! ...because let's keep that TBR pile monstrous, shall we?? :P


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