Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Non-Near-Death Experience

So, I haven't been on blogger for, uh, MONTHS. I've thought about blogging. Sorta. Okay, so not really. I've been distracted by going through beta feedback on my sequel, traveling all over for work, and...other things.

But! I've been inspired to blog about my most recent trip for work. Why? Because I thought I was going to die.

I'm serious.


I had been told that I'd be going to an indian reservation somewhere on the border of Arizona and New Mexico.

My first thought? "Ooooooo! Turquoise!"

(don't laugh.)

About a week before I go on this "exciting turquoise trip," I mentioned to a coworker where I was headed. This coworker's jaw drops as her eyes double in size, as she proceeds to say in a low, ominous whisper, "Has anyone warned you about it, yet?"

She then proceeds with the following list of happy things:

(1) Get off the reservation before the sun goes down.
(2) If you see a baby carrier in the middle of the road, drive around it.
(3) Don't stop - not for ANY reason! - until you get to your intended destination.
(4) If the road suddenly turns to dirt, turn around immediately.
(5) You probably won't get cell reception, either, if you need help.

This was my response...


...and I forgot all about turquoise. Instead, I started thinking about zombies...

Apparently, gangs are prevalent on reservations. I did not know this. I also didn't realize that major freeways didn't access these reservations. You have to turn down roads called Indian Routes. They wind all over who knows where, and many of them are dirt roads - or they turn into them.

You bet I Google Earthed my route.

The day arrived, I took my GPS - I even printed a map just in case - and I embarked on my 5.5 hour drive to my doom.


It was totally and utterly uneventful. *wipes brow*

HOWEVER! I got some photos that I wanted to share. because I think the scenery was wild and beautiful. Of course, the pictures are from the car because I refused to stop and get out to take them :D I apologize in advance for the lackluster quality.

On my way there. Highway 40 runs from Flagstaff to Albuquerque.

HOPE. Scenery change. THREE HOURS of flatlands,
and I'm about to turn on my Indian Route. I'm also a little
scared at this point, but distracted by the colorful rock.

My PAVED Indian Route. *preens*
It was a very pretty drive, too! Sorry about the bug
splatter on my windshield...You already know
why I wouldn't stop...

My biggest adventure: avoiding livestock. There were NO fences along
the 30ish mile RTE. I drove through a pack of about 6 horses, happily eating grass
on both sides of the rode. And cows, and sheep...

Navajo country, and the reason for this blog.
Rock formations like this were everywhere! So beautiful.

And now I'm back "safely" in my hotel room, reveling in life and enjoying the scenery. :D Since I'm feeling so safe, I may even try and find some turquoise tomorrow...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Well, you know, there's nothing better than an anticipation like that that turns into nothing.

    But did you check the trunk of your car?

    1. LOL, no, I DIDN'T check my trunk!

      Are you still wanting this story to have an exciting (and morbid) ending? Because if it has one, you won't hear about it. :D

    2. Um... well, no. Just trying to give you something else to be suspenseful about. :)

  2. Glad it went well!!!! :) Cake pops for you! - Jenny

  3. So you're still there? Enjoy your trip! What kind of work are you doing ther?

    1. Ha, thanks :D

      Weeeeeeeeeelllllll....it's sort of a long explanation, but in short, I visit hospital labs around my territory (Arizona, New Mexico, and El Paso, TX) and provide support for their coagulation instruments made by my company!

  4. So after all that hype your trip was completely uneventful in the danger/abduction/theft/shady looking people category? Man, what a letdown for you.

    1. I know. Lessons to the storytellers. Make sure whatever can go wrong, DOES go wrong. :D

  5. What absolutely amazing photos! And great post - hope the rest of your trip goes well :-)

    1. Aw, thanks, Linda! The rest of my trip went VERY well :)

  6. Glad you made it... I love rock formations, that place is beautiful

    1. Thanks, Jeff, and me too! I felt kinda silly driving with my cell phone in the window, but it was just so beautiful.

  7. Yeah, I was nervous, too, and I only had to read about it! So glad you made it back. Thanks for sharing the photos.


  8. That's a little scary! I'm glad you didn't die. :) And oh, my gosh-- that last picture is INCREDIBLE! Especially with the beautiful sky juxtaposed.

    And yay for feedback on the sequel! I hope everything is going fabulously with it.

  9. Okay.... I may have been on the edge of my seat bitting my nails there...


    I suppose that's a good thing. OBVIOUSLY I don't want Barb to suffer death by fake baby carrier. *squeezes Barb*


    I feel deprived of a good story ending! Hahaha! The bright side of these reservations is that--apparently--their laws are a bit... well... NOT in sync with ours. Ahem. So lets say someone may or may not have gotten a speeding ticket there... like... say... 6 years ago? And haven't paid yet? Well, I'm sure that they don't even remember anymore!

    Hypothetically, of course...

    ANYWAY... change of subject! Great pics!! Haha!

    P.s. The ticket was totally Rob's not mine.

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