Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie

Thanks to Lauren (my amazing cousin) for this recommendation! This was a fabulous story. Once I was about 39% into it (according to my Kindle), I could NOT put it down. Did I mention this was a fabulous story?

The setting is some time in the future within a dystopia that feels more like a first. Citizens' lives are completely controlled and monitored, but that's not really a bad thing. How could it be? They've got nice homes, perfect families, and they don't have to worry about disease, famine, jobs, marriage--because Society has already chosen it for them through years and years of study and probability. But that's the problem for Cassia. She's stumbled across the beauty of choice and free will. Unfortunately, now she wants to make her own choices about everything. She can't 'go gently' any more.

At age 17 Cassia has been Matched. Society has chosen the best spouse for her--which happens to be her best friend, Xander. That's where her problems start. Not because she doesn't care for her friend. It's because she's accidentally fallen in love with someone else, someone that helps her discover what it is to feel and what it means to be free. And Society would destroy their lives before ever allowing that.

This story was like a 1984 meets Gattaca. Exciting to the very end as the world around Cassia changes with rumors of a rebellion. We're left hanging with the promise of its sequel Crossed, which will be released this November. Thanks Ms. Condie for an intriguing read!

Go check it out here:


  1. It sounds exciting. So many of the great books I read come via word of mouth. Thanks for the review!

  2. So true--so if you have any to recommend me, go right ahead! :)

  3. I need a new book, think I'll check this one out, it sounds like a fun read. Thanks.

  4. Ooo Norma, if you do, let me know!

  5. I've been wanting to read this for so long! I've been eyeing it every time I go to the book store. I didn't read more than the first paragraph of your post, though, in case it was a spoiler. But if you say it is a fabulous story, I'll have to get it right away! (Perhaps a mothers day gift from Nathanael...?)


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