Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Irresistible and Stylish Awards...

A big "thanks" goes out to Christine Arnold for passing on the Irresistibly Sweet Award, and to Sari Webb for handing me the Stylish Blogger Award! But now, I guess  I'm supposed to mention seven things about myself.

Hmm...(stop yawning!)

1. I need at least one cup of coffee every day to function.
2. I never experienced an allergic reaction until last summer...when I purchased (and used) Costco's body wash.
3. Cold and rainy weather is my favorite climate. Did you know that I'm moving to Phoenix this summer?
4. I'm not Italian, but I wish I was.
5. All my life I was insecure about my height of 5'9". Then I met my 6'5" husband (the love of my life).
6. I've played the piano since I was 5 years old. Classically trained. But I can't write a piece to save my life.
7. My love for my dog has extended itself to all creatures. If I find a bug in the house, instead of killing it, I put it back outside.

NOW! The important part. Paying it forward! These are some blogs you guys should definitely check out--they discuss all of our favorite things. Like writing, writing, and more writing!

I'd like to pass on the Irresistibly Sweet Award to Sari Webb at Confessions of an Aspiring Author. She posts a lot of interesting blogs about writing and publishing.

Also, to Beth Polluck at Of Muses and Meringues. She blogs about my three favorite things: writing, traveling, and food.

 And, I'd like to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to Becky Wallace at What's your thought on that? She's always got a great attitude and blogs a lot about the writing process.



  1. Thanks Barbara! I'll post it tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the award, Barbara!

    I'm 5'10" so I know what it's like to feel tall all the time. I used to hate wearing heels but now I'm like 'meh!' they're pretty and I'll wear them if I want. My boyfriend's 6'1" so not quite 6'5" but tall enough :)

  3. You are both MORE than welcome! Thanks for being an inspiration to me.

    @ Sari: LOL about the heels. I so know what you mean. And 6'1" is definitely tall enough :)

  4. 1. Blame Costco!
    2. Glad my blog isn't in the running. :-\

  5. @Uncle A, if you blogged more I would've!! :)


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