Friday, August 5, 2011

And We Have a WINNER!!


It was sooooo hard for me to choose. The comments you guys left were fabulous! (If you missed out, you can read them here.) And I must thank you because I smiled and laughed, reading all of your answers :) So, THANK YOU! You guys are awesome.

But, alas! Laura's only given me "rights" to ONE book. *nudge nudge* Laura? :)

And the winner is...

Wait for it...

*cues drum roll*


Who, poor sap, was actually stripped of his award. Read his confession for yourselves...

"I was stripped of my Professor of the Year award at Hogwarts for perfecting a Patron-Us charm that turns water into Patron'. Mr. Filch is sleeping in for some strange reason."

Thanks to everyone who participated...I had so much fun reading. :)


  1. Hah! Those were awesome. Sorry I missed it. Congrats, Chris!

  2. Congrats to Chris. I think. ;)

  3. Oh I missed it! :( I've been so outta the loop. Sorry I haven't been by. Always love stopping in to see what you're up to! :)

  4. CRAP! I was TOTALLY going to do this!!! Stupid new job that sucked my blogging time.... grr! Well congrats to Chris anyway!

  5. Congratulations to Chris. Laura's book sounds like it's definitely worth checking out!

  6. DARN IT! I didn't win! But seriously-- congrats, Chris!

    And I gave you an award at my blog, Barbara.

  7. Good job, Chris!

    That was a fun contest, Barbara.

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