Monday, July 9, 2018

A book!!... and a baby... :P

HI, GUYS!! *waves*

Hope you're having a great summer!

Just in case you missed it, THE GODS OF MEN is available!! WOOT WOOT!! It went out into the big, wide world just last week. It's always scary when books do that. But. It's also so very exciting watching it carve its own path!

With this story, I stretched my brain (and my fingers) into the world of high (and darker) fantasy. Which is *kinda* what took me so long. As it turns out, or at least in my case, writing multiple POVs and tying them all together can be a bit of a juggle and a challenge. But I always love a good challenge, and I'm stoked with the way it eventually turned out.

If you're into reading that sort of thing (ie higher fantasy in the vein of Brandon Sanderson, Naomi Novik, Sarah J. Maas) - check it out! It's available in both ebook and paperback... and audiobook is currently in production!

And, as life would have it, we're having another baby! I know. It's like I can't have one without having the other. Kloss Baby #3 is due in December, so I'm working my hardest to get as much done with GODS #2 before baby arrives. I'm a little slower at the writing than I'd like, because I don't "pregnant" well, but alas! We've been here before, and it WILL! GET! DONE! In the meantime, patience, please! (...and prayers...) Also. Feel free to send chocolate.

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much to those of you who've already read and reviewed and emailed me personally... it's such a gift to know that my imaginary friends can impact others the way they've impacted me. 

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Have a GREAT week! My kiddos are at camp for the week, and I'm *hoping* to knock out some more chapters...


p.s. Has anyone played God of War? Holy moly... It's amazing!

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