Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gratitude from a Late Bloomer

Here I am. The scientist, by all accounts. Except I don't care about science. Not really. It's interesting, don't get me wrong. So interesting I even majored and minored in it and am currently employed in the field. While I do enjoy my job and the aspects science has to offer (namely incredible technology, theory, and brilliant co-workers), I've discovered something else. Something that usurps all of my thoughts, all of my time, and, consequently, all the ability to do housework. Writing.

I've always loved reading. Getting lost in the adventurous tales of peril, whether it be physical or emotional. From the depths of Mordor to the crazy donkey-chasing Aunt Betsey in David Copperfield, I love them all. The lessons, the struggles. I was perfectly satisfied losing myself in them, until one bright shining day, Ben, my devoted 6'5" cheerleader without pom-poms, suggested: "Why don't you try writing?" "Me?" I gasp. "Remember I do numbers and Greek letters, not words." But there sat that obnoxious idea, forcing every other idea out.

Scenes began to flicker in my mind. Scenes of people I didn't know, places I'd never seen. I became curious. Curiosity turned obsessive. Obsessive turned to the computer. And ideas spewed forth.

It is as an adult that I've discovered a love (and obsession) for writing. Whether anything comes of it, or it remains simply a passion of mine, remains to be determined. In the meantime, I fight with my computer. Fight after drag out fight. Edit after harrowing edit. (Me and the delete key are still coming to terms.) There are many of you--many supportive, encouraging, amazing people--that have helped me tremendously as I embark on this unique endeavor. Reading draft...after draft (Ben, you're amazing). Giving honest feedback so that I may learn how to create a great story. Thank you for giving me hours and hours of your undivided attention, reading the pages I hand to you, believing in me through the process--I feel blessed to have so many people near, genuinely excited, helpful, and supportive.

I'm still working (almost everyday) on that story some of you have read. After some soul-searching and reading books on writing, I'm on re-write number 4 and draft number 10,000 (or so it feels). There's much work to be done, but I'll let you know when I reach my next stage: submission (shaking).

It's been 1.5 years now. The journey is incredible in ways I never would've imagined, and I'm grateful to all of you for keeping me on it! I couldn't do it without you.


  1. Thanks for the invitation to this blog. I think you are incredible. Scientist by day, Creative writer by night - I love it! Maybe that should be part of your next story. I can't believe it's been 1.5 years. I remember you told me about it last winter on snow shoes. Think you'll trade in that computer for some snow shoes one beautiful snow filled day? I want to hear about your next adventure! SC

  2. OH I remember that delightful day! We need to do that again this winter...maybe stay the night up there this time, eh? NOW you need to start a Cain family blog!! Seriously though...thanks for all your support! YOU are incredible!

  3. I remember reading your college english papers. I still have a couple of them and every time I read them I laugh. I knew, at that time, that you had a gift of writing. We are proud of you!!!


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