Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ben is Moving Me to Hell (& not in a handbasket)

It happened this morning, when Ben got the phone call. It didn't start out with candy and roses. It didn't start out that way at all. In fact, we began the morning with me trying to keep a good attitude and cheer up my crestfallen spouse who had heard no word from any of the 3 dental schools he interviewed at.

With eager minds and shaky hands we watched the computer last night, midnight eastern time, 9pm our time. The server crashed, we waited. It moved slowly, we waited some more. Finally logged on, nothing. No change in status. No trace of that grand glittering golden word: ACCEPTANCE. Our hearts sank with the realization that we'd be one of the thousands waiting. Possibly waiting to still find out nothing.

All the rabbit trails your thoughts venture down! What if, what if, what if? One more year. Another long, grueling, expensive application process. What is wrong with admissions?!

There we were driving to work and school this morning, each with our own silent solutions to those 'what if's', when Ben reached back and retrieved his phone. "Huh?" he says, "I missed a call." My heart stops. "From Phoenix. There's a message." Now my heart is racing. Ben listens to that message (I can hear it too) and it's the dean of Midwestern University, School of Dentistry in Glendale, Arizona, congratulating Ben on his acceptance!

Of course I do what every good wife does. I simultaneously start screaming and bawling, almost rear-ending the car in front of us.

Within seconds, the burden had vanished and we were soaring miles above the clouds. How one moment can change everything. What brings me the most joy is seeing Ben. How happy he is. How encouraged he is. After all the hard work, it's the greatest reward he could ask for, and I'm so grateful we are on this adventure together!

That being said, we are thrilled and giddy like little kids on Christmas morning. It also doesn't go without saying that I have a few concerns. They are, as follows:
1. Heat.


  1. OMG!!!!!!! that's great!!! i'm happy for both of you. buy a pair of nike mesh shorts if the heat bothers you as much as it does me, they do wonders. ;D

  2. Thank you thank yoU!!!...yes...I may be buying some...

  3. Love your scribbles! How great for your both - for Ben the acceptance and the fact that he has you by his side! Oh, and that you look great in those little mesh running shorts! For you that this will be a new and exciting adventure in that new city with your main man! Oh, also, that in the future you will get drilled and filled for freeeee!!!

  4. Congratulations! I'm so happy for the both of you! Madeline does know about warm weather fashion. We went to a meeting in Scottsdale in December a few years ago. It was December. You will enjoy the adventure.

  5. Thank you both!!! Life is an adventure...isn't it?! I suppose I can adjust to the climate. At least...I hope. There goes all my favorite attire (boots, jackets, hats, gloves...) We'll always be open for visitors. And we understand if you limit yourselves to winter visits ;)

  6. Congratulations to you both! I am so completely thrilled for Ben! You are going to love Arizona. Trust me, it's a DRY heat. Phoenix is lovely! There's lots to do, and I will definitely have to visit you guys at some point... even if it ends up being if/when I move due to a residency position next year or job.

  7. Thank you!!!! Already looking forward to you visiting ;) You can show me around my new hometown!

  8. I would be glad to show you around! Granted, I know Tucson far better than Phoenix... but I do have many connections still in the area. Also, don't toss the winter fashions yet. When it gets cold in the desert (and yes, it can get into the 40s which is far colder than 40 here)-- you will want your Uggs. Pack the winter gear for sure, especially if you go up to Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon during the winter months!

  9. Oh I'm SO happy you said that! I was beginning to favorite attire is fall. I will not rid of it! YEA!


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