Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stockings, Christmas Trees, and Decapitated Snowmen

It is that time of year. Our banks accounts dwindle, the air is filled with pine, Christmas lights replace trim (singlehandedly causing an energy crisis), and if you're like me in the valley of Northern California, you wish some miracle would happen and it would snow. But we make the most of it.

To me, making the most of it usually requires music and cookies. So this week, the amazing and brilliant Annie (my sister) came over.

We decked the halls--well, we decked
my kitchen counter--with cookies, icing, sprinkles. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

<---that's Annie's meticulous hand.

Samson the Faithful
waited by our feet,
hoping desperately to catch a
rogue sprinkle.

Annie had to keep rinsing excess
frosting from her hands...

Gingerbread lost limb, star lost point, snowman lost head--all in a duel between the territorial cookie sheet and the spatula.
Very few cookies perished.

Ben came home from a long a
grueling final to indulge in the festivities.
He also started taking photo's.

Even the amazing Uncle A,
all the way in Atlanta, was able to join us!
Skype is THE fastest way
to travel.
(Ciao il mio preferisco Zio A!)

An afternoon well spent.
We enjoyed the fruits of our labor.
With a side of egg nog, of course. :)


  1. I enjoyed reading about the festivities! Where are my cookies???

  2. Looks like fun...cookies look beautiful and I bet your kitchen smelled amazing...what a sweet memory with your teri lee

  3. Thanks! The kitchen did smell nicely ;)

  4. Yum-oh! You should have held a cookie up to my face before taking the pic. Maybe I could have "smelled" it.

  5. I second your mom's comment about cookies! I'll send Sammy some savory doggie treats in exchange for the rogue sprinkles and cookie crumbs that may have hit the floor. :)

  6. Uncle, Next time we'll let you 'smell it'! ;D

    Kelly, shoot...that is TEMPTING! Sammy loves his treats!!

  7. there needs to be a way to skype food.

  8. I couldn't agree more! So let's find a way and skype that gingerbread house you made!


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