Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 4: Animal Kingdom

Well fellow bloggers, I dropped the ball last night. Too tired to fight my phone and 'write' you all. It is significantly more challenging blogging on ones phone. And I, as many of you know, have little patience.
Ben and I spent our last day in Disney's Animal Kingdom and it was a last day well spent. Probably the busiest of our days--it was a Saturday after all. The park is beautiful: lush greens and vegetation growing throughout, 'treks' through habitats of Asia and Africa. Lots and lots of animals! Our favorite was the Safari through Africa. You board these big safari landcruisers and are driven alon dirt roads, through streams, past waterfalls all through the 'natural' habitation of creatures like giraffes, hippos, cheetas, even termite mounds!
Eventually I dragged Ben on the other landmark attraction: Expedition Everest. It's a fast, fun, forward, backwards, rollercoaster through Mt. Everest.
The Tree of Life is another landmark--animals and insects carved along the trunk and branches. The photo above fails to do its mere size justice.
For dinner we wound our way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge : Boma's. African buffet. It was a beautiful atmosphere with excellent food... Only problem is, since it was a buffet, I don't really remember what we ate!
And now we await our transportation to our rental car. I was thinking last night how I wish we could've purchased more Harry Potter paraphernalia...regretting the crowds in those cramped stores and the dim lighting making it difficult to see what all they had. I'm not much of a 'disney junkie' but Harry Potter has made me experience the illogical fandom. But then Ben discovered :) where you and I can, as Ben so eloquently put it, have all that junk delivered straight to our home.
Thank you Disney and Universal for a busy and fun week...and when we return some day, I'll remember to wear a scopolamine patch :)

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