Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day in EPCOT

It is now 10:36 pm, and I'm not exactly sure how much longer my brain will cooperate with me in order to properly relay the details of the day! As you can imagine, it has been a busy one, and if anything can adjust you to time change, it's waking up much too early and spending all days in your feet!

Ben and I left our lovely resort, Port Orleans, caught the bus, and were on our way to a very empty park. I live off season. You don't even need fast passes.
But that was when we made mistake #1 of our trip: Mission to Mars first. Of course I ignored the first warning : "If you're prone to motion sickness, feel free to exit." When the warning kept repeating I still ignored it, but began to worry. And then when the ride started, I immediately wanted off. I've since adopted strict adherence to a new, personal rule: no more rides that spin you in circles, fast or slow. It took the rest of the morning for the affects to wear off for both of us.
We did a few other rides, but spent the bulk of our day meandering through the World Showcase. It's incredible really...all the attention to detail, workers native to the country they represent (Disney hires them for one year as an 'ambassador'). Needless to say, I loved hearing the French and Italian accents.
Ben and I had lunch in Paris at a Patisserie, ham and cheese croissants with chocolate mousse for dessert and met a young Frenchman named Alexandre. I just wanted him to keep talking.
We happened to stumble across something called "Strongbow Cider", while in England. Cider with a kick. And I will be on the hunt for more, once we return home. So good!
For dinner we luckily made reservations back in September to Le Cellier in Canada. The restaurant is in an old wine cellar--beautiful! We had fabulous cheddar soup (got the recipe!), then an entree of filet mignon with a white truffle sauce and mushroom risotto, and then for dessert I had a maple creme brûlée and Ben had the chocolate whiskey cake.
We finished the evening with Illuminations, returned 'home', and are thoroughly wiped. It's only day one. More coffee.
And tomorrow....Hogwarts!
Photos: EPCOT, Ben in Paris (see the Eiffel?), me in Paris, Morocco, and Italy.


  1. i love Stongbow, we've been drinking it for quite awhile, it comes in 4-packs in big cans like Guinness. anyway, sounds like you're having a great time!

  2. Great!!! Glad to hear it! You've got great taste. We'll be on the hunt!

  3. Oh my goodness, I wish you had asked me about Mission to Mars. I got so sick, it took me the rest of the day to not feel nauseated. I hate that ride. I've never wanted to claw my way out of something so badly as when I was on that ride.


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