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Kobenhavn (click to enlarge)
First, let me just say....I LOVE THE SCANDIC COUNTRIES!

It's like "old world" meets upscale IKEA. All these beautiful old buildings have modern architecture and style infused within - it's gorgeous. Copenhagen is clean, and cold, and the people are TALL. I'm SO in my element here :)  Average height for a woman is about 5'6" (though they seem taller than that...), and men are around 6'2", but on top of that, they're all sticks!

Everyone here speaks English very well. I feel bad, but they insist it's the lingua franca for many, so they're used to it. For instance, when I was at Zara (I LOVE that store), the ladies behind the register were speaking to each other in English because one was from Sweden and the other from Denmark, and English was the common language. Swedes speak Swedish, and Danes speak Danish - neither of which I even remotely understand, though there are some words similar to German (which I DO understand. A little). Note to self: add Swedish and/or Danish to list of languages to learn.

Something else I find incredible about this city are the cyclists! Seriously, everyone rides bikes (Um, Tour de France anyone?). There are bike taxis, bike stoplights, bike ROADS - and I'm from California...we've got the bike lanes. It's crazy. People ride bikes in business clothes, heels, while name it. When crossing a street, you don't worry about the cars, you worry about  getting run over by a cyclist.

See...sidewalk, bike road, regular road...crazy.
I could totally live here. The only bad thing is everything's expensive (ie coffee and a pastry will cost you $20.) So we "live like paupers" during the day, as my uncle likes to say, and then splurge a little at night.

The Little Mermaid
The mornings are gorgeous, but, as my sis so eloquently put it, "the afternoons get cranky." Clouds roll in and spit on you when they feel like it. You don't like the weather? Wait a minute (and duck under an awning).

The Little Mermaid (sculpted by Edvard Erichsen) is a symbol of Copenhagen, from the story by HC Anderson. And yes, this was well before Disney...

Gefion Fountain (Norse goddess, Gefjun, driving large animals)

St. Alban's Church. BEAUTIFUL! Looked like something from a fairy tale.

Copenhagen is the home of Hans Christian Anderson, so of course, finding a book from here was top of my list. Which, by the way, I found a beautiful, gold leafed hardback containing 80 stories, IN ENGLISH, but made in Denmark.  YIPPEE! The bookstore even stamped it for me. *still giddy*

Me and Annie and HC Anderson (well, his statue...)

Me and my sis, Nyhavn in background
Another beautiful area of Copenhagen is Nyhavn, a 17th century canal, lined with colorful buildings. It was built in 1670-73 by Swedish war prisoners to provide a "gateway" from the sea to the King's Square. HC Anderson even lived at Nyhavn for a few years. Today, it's lined with food and cafe's, or it's full of drunken, patriotic Norwegians before a Denmark/Norway futball game, like the night we arrived. SO funny and entertaining!


King's Square

Maybe you've noticed I put a little more photos up this time? It's been almost a week and I think I'm finally waking up :) If you'd like to see EVEN MORE of the beautiful Kobenhavn (gluttons, I tell you!), you can look at them HERE.

Getting ready for our last dinner here (so sad!), and tomorrow...andiamo Italia!


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. Yes, beautiful and joining the journey with you and Annie is so enjoyable... can't wait to see the Italy pictures and reading your stories.

  3. Heather - Oh, thank you! Glad you enjoyed them.

    Norma - So glad you're enjoying it! And I bet you'll recognize some of the Italian photos from your own adventures :)

  4. Looks like you're having so much fun! One day I'll be able to afford to visit Europe.

  5. Matt - You WILL go someday...and soon!

  6. Oh, cool! I visited Copenhagen once before. I found the Little Mermaid sculpture slightly less impressive than I expected, lol. But my sister is studying there right now and I'm visiting her in November! So I'm looking forward to that. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  7. I, too, have enjoyed the journey with you Annie, and Alex. I think the scandinavian countries are now on my bucket list!

  8. Linda- oh, how wonderful for you and your sister!!! Have so much fun inNovember (I'm sure you will :D)

    Aunt Ruthie -I'm so glad!!! Well, when you go, let me know so I can tag along :)

  9. *GASP!* These photos are BEAUTIFUL! I want to go to freakin' Copenhagen now!

    "Clouds roll in and spit on you"


    Love your posts, woman! Keep 'em coming!

  10. Always wanted to go here.. someday. That church is friggin gorgeous! Can't even believe it's real!! Bet it was amazing! So awesome to share all this with us!!

  11. Julie - STOP SPITTING!!! hahaha and Thanks!

    Pk - Yes, Copenhagen has moved to one of my FAVORITE places. I totally plan on going back there someday. GO GO GO!! You'd LOVE it.

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