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Pottermore!...for you Harry Potter fans...

*If you haven't heard of Pottermore, go here.*

Now, many of you know that I LOVE Harry Potter. I love it so much that I "forced" my hubby to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter <--link to that post
Mind you, we lived in Sacramento at the time; we've got Disneyland. But fans will be fans...

When the Pottermore site was announced, I was very curious, but also a little skeptical. They said Pottermore would be an experience like nothing we'd seen before, but for me, seeing how incredibly interactive pre-existing websites are, I thought, "Really? Just HOW much of an experience could it be?"



*WARNING: If you prefer to save entire said experience for yourself, do not read further. I'm not posting everything, but I'm posting enough. Okay, I warned you...*


I finally got my email, saying I could logon. After a few attempts ("Due to overwhelming demand, you cannot access Pottermore right now"), I logged on.

The site is like a giant, interactive book with equally interactive footnotes that have the detail level of an encyclopedia. You "read" through, chapter by chapter, via various images - all of which are interactive. Each image has "layers," where you can sort of zoom in (more like change the focus), images in the background/foreground come into view and you may find tokens (or potions or books or bezoars), unlock items, etc.

What's really amazing about each part/chapter/etc., is that Rowling has never before seen descriptions associated with certain items/characters (ie she's got a whole history on Professor McGonagall, McGonagall's parents, et.). She talks about where she got ideas, how those ideas morphed.... Some of you may appreciate this blurb (I found it very inspirational!), where she talks about all the plots in her head that never made it to the books:

(click on images to enlarge...)

Main Screen. So far, all I can access is Philosopher's Stone - all the other books are greyed out. The rest will be revealed in the future. Each "small" gold dot is a chapter, and each chapter has a few interactive scenes associated with it. Those owls are where my "friends" are. Yes, I only have 2. Madeline?? FIND ME!

Then began my journey, chapter by chapter. I explored the Dursley's (this is just one room):
The letters were floating all around the room. See how the background is blurry in this photo? Well, on the REAL screen, if you arrow up, the table becomes blurry and the room beyond is in focus, and you can find other items. Get it?

Hagrid arrives, you get your letter, and are shipped off on platform nine and three-quarters (all of which have interactive images and background information from Ms. Rowling). You then get a list of supplies you need before starting school:
As you purchase items, they're crossed off on your list
You have to go through Diagon Alley, into each appropriate shop, and buy your items (this is, of course, after you've opened an account with Gringotts and received your Galleons).
Each shop illuminates and displays store name as you hover - and then you can go inside :)

And guess what...you go to Ollivanders to get a wand! First, you must answer a bunch of questions, and then the wand chooses you. I was picked by an Ebony with Phoenix Feathercore, thirteen inches, unbending. (you can go to a page which tells you all about wands and what the properties mean, if you so desire.) Once you get your wand, you're stuck with it.

You answer another slew of questions and are sorted into your house. (I was sorted into Gryffindor. Also, once you're sorted in a house, you'll stay there.) From there, you may go to your common room and meet other people in your house/do magical challenges for points, or go to the great hall and see how all the houses are matching up.

 There's a place to practice spells (this is my cousin Madeline's favorite) and enter wizarding duels. I would have to say that, for me, the most entertaining part of this is potions. OH MY GOSH it's hard. Seriously. You have to crush things in a crucible, heat to "X" temperature for "Y" seconds, stir it this way and that "Z" times - almost threw my computer. I SO empathize with Ron now.

You get something like this:
Read them. Read them again. Memorize. 

And then you say to yourself, after preening of course, "Pfft. No problem! You want an antidote...I'LL GIVE YOU AN ANTIDOTE!"

And then you proceed. Did I mention this is all timed? See the purple hourglass? My first 20 tries looked something like this...

I eventually got it right, though, and decided to let my laptop live.

Remember - this was all just for book one! The others aren't "active" yet.

My only complaint is that the site has a tendency to crash. Often. Hopefully that'll be worked out before it launches next month.

I can't remember having this much fun on a website. Thank you, again, JK Rowling! Now I'll never get anything done...

OH, almost forgot - if you're on Pottermore, find me! My name is: AccioSnitch12 :D

***If you like YA Fantasy, check out my book, GAIA'S SECRET. The sequel is coming soon!


  1. EEEK! This looks AWESOME!!! Can anyone sign up yet? Or do you still have to find those clues and stuff?

  2. I'm pretty sure registration opens to all next month - the other closed back in August :( It was only open one week! Let me know once you do!!! EEEP!

  3. Ahhh! How did you get sorted into Gryffindor!!

    This is NOT fair!! *stomps foot!*

    I think I just might cry...

    ID my pottermore SN is ProphesyGlow199 and it was such a LOVELY SN too! It's terrible that it was sorted into SLYTHERIN! UGH!

    I'm off to pout now.


  4. OH, NO! Don't cry! Hey, be happy about your SN name because that IS lovely!

    I'll go and look for you as soon as it lets me on. Ugh. Overcrowding!!! *pulls out hair*

    Now I'm off to pout, too.

  5. I must be the only person who hasn't read, nor wants to read HP. I know I'm missing out, but that genre is just not my thing. It is nice, however, to see people, especially kids, get excited about books. My son read the first 4 books in less than 2 months at the age of 7. That was a huge accomplishment!

  6. That sounds like fun! It's so cool that J.K. Rowling included histories and plots and stuff that have never been seen before - awesome!

  7. I love harry potter, I have read the books 10+ times, and listen to the audio books every night—I’ve listened to them so many times a couldn’t accurately count it.

    If you have never listened to the audio books, head to your library and get them NOW. They are the best audio books in the biz, Jim Dale (the narrator) is simply amazing… you’ll experience the books in a whole new way.

    If I have the internet, and find the time, I’ll look you up.

  8. Nancy - I understand...if you don't' read that genre, you're probably not gonna like Harry Potter. That's awesome about your son, though!

    Susan - I know, I was having so much fun reading all the histories!

    Jeff - TOTALLY AGREE! I have NOT listened to the audio books, so I'll have to check them out. Thanks!

  9. Awesome! You've sold me. I've been wanting to check it out but lacked time to do so. It looks so super cool... I'm trying to sign up today!

  10. Oooo yea! Let me know when you get a screen name!

  11. I have to check this out, but I just know it's going to eat up lots and lots of time. Eeek.

  12. Cynthia - Oh, it does. It really does.

  13. That is so cool! Just think...this all started with JKR's idea for a story. Amazing.

  14. OK, I just glanced at the images and skipped the text because I want to explore it on my own. It looks so awesome! To be honest, I totally forgot about it. (I'm not really sure how). I'm still trying to talk beloved husband into going to The Wizarding World with me when we are in Florida in Feb.

  15. That sounds so freaking cool! I'm kind of afraid to go on, though, for fear of the time suck it will become! But oh, is it calling my name.

  16. Kari - Ha, great! Let me know when you register yourself :)

    Peggy - I know. Oh, my gosh, two hours flew by one night and all I was doing was waving my wand around. O.O

  17. OMG, finally! I can have more friends on Pottermore! I forgot the newest batch of emails has been sent out, which is why the site keeps crashing.

    I'm FangThestral187, and I'm a Ravenclaw!

  18. Krispy - I FOUND YOU!!! Okay, accept me now. Please. :D

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