Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogfests, and Blogging, and Merlin...OH MY!

Today's post is a melting pot - so many things to say. (Melting pot is wrong. They're all sort of different. How about jambalaya? I like jambalaya. Mmmmm....)

First, I've reached 100 Followers! Thank YOU for being such a wonderful and supportive blogging community, and for reading along and leaving awesome comments. I learn SO much from you! *BIG GIANT HUGS* Now, I've got to think of something to celebrate the occasion... TO BE CONTINUED! :D

Next up, Merlin. If you have not seen the BBC show, Merlin, DO IT! I rarely watch TV (no TV channels. Yeah, the hubby and I sorta live in the dark ages), but we Netflix'd this and COULD. NOT. STOP. WATCHING. Here's the new Season 4 trailer (if you are really annoyed by pixelation, HQ version is on their Facebook page). I particularly like the soundtrack:

Also, Alex J. Cavanaugh, has a couple of upcoming blogfests. There's:

1. Insecure Writer's Support Group - It's a place for writers to support and encourage each other. You know, like those times our imaginary friends frustrate us so much we start threatening them with erasers and delete keys? The blogfest will be held on the first Wednesday of every month. Go check it out!

2. Pay it Forward Blogfest - The idea is to introduce all of us to everyone else. This "social" event shall commence on October 14.

And, as you know, I just released my book, GAIA'S SECRET last week! I've been AMAZED and HONORED by how completely supportive you all have been, downloading and leaving comments. THANK YOU! If you're interested, I've got a blog interview with the one and only Ashley Nixon (if you don't know her, she's incredible! go check her out...) about GAIA, and you can find the interview HERE.

Now that the dust is finally settling, I feel like my brain is free to finish working on the sequel to Gaia (3/4 done with draft 0.5!) *wipes brow* While I love being back at the drawing board, I've developed a motto. I'm sure some of you can relate: Never trust a blank page. They look all sparkly and new, but they have too many plot-strings attached.

I love mottos. Do any of you have any current mottos you'd like to share?????

Have a wonderful Sunday, and happy writing!


  1. I'm so happy to meet you and SO excited to read Gaia's Secret--it's on my list of MUST READS! Interesting that you're a lab minion. I work at a BIG research institute in La Jolla, CA. (Not in the labs, though--I support the Chief Patent Counsel. I do know how to use a pipette, though and also know that a "hood" is more than a body part that makes you blush when spoken :) )

  2. Thanks for plugging both the support group and the Pay it Forward blogfest.
    Congratulations on one hundred followers! Hope you double that in the next couple weeks.
    And my motto? "Never give up, never surrender!" (Galxy Quest)

  3. Whoo!! Blog interview!! I <3 Gaia's Secret!
    I wanna watch Merlin! BBC versions are always amazing. Armand said Merlin looked dorky. lol.

    My daddy always tells me that everything will work out for the best. And I believe that. lol

  4. Bethany - Aww, thanks! I'm so glad to meet you too! What kind of research in La Jolla? Which institute, if I may ask? (I LOVE La Jolla. BEAUTIFUL.) Pipettes and Hoods are more than most :)

    Alex - Oh, no prob! Thanks for hosting them! You're always such a HUGE support for writers, so I'm excited to participate (finally). I LOVE that motto :D

    Ashley - Ha, Ben thought it looked dorky, too, but he ended up really enjoying it. Not sure he'd keep watching if I wasn't so obsessed. And I agree with your dad!

  5. Love it love it love it!! And yes, Sammy and Darla do need to meet!! I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on that book. I'm so excited for you!!

  6. Erin - THANK YOU!! :) Okay, so once you don't have, like, FIVE TESTS IN ONE WEEK, let's coordinate :D Talk to Ben, eh??

  7. Merlin- I tried to love it. I truly did, but it just didn't take with me! There was something that didn't gel. Perhaps it's the fact that Merlin looks like a dork and Arthur looks like a pompous so-and-so? Or maybe it was the badly animated creatures? LOL

    I did watch the entire first season before I made my decision and I was like, "Nuh-uh!" I think it's because it doesn't have a continuing storyline, rather, each episode is some new creature that has to be taken out by Merlin. The format sort of reminded me of Power Rangers where you could count on the hero always saving the day before the show ended. LOL

    STORY WRITING! -Personally, the plot developing stages are always my favorite!! (See my most resent blog post to find out why... *blushes* I should warn you and everyone that looks, it's really embarrassing how in depth I go to know my characters.) And I do fill that ENTIRE CHART out! All those questions curl my toes with excitement.

    Perhaps I'm anal? Or just plain crazy about developing characters? *thinks* I think I'll go with the latter and say, "I'm definitely crazy!" LOL

  8. Ugh! Sorry... I just spewed on your comments. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to write a simple answer!

    Sorry. *Sigh*

  9. M.S - Thanks for the comment!! Simple they ever really exist? ;) Oh, I'm sad you don't share my enthusiasm for Merlin, but I understand. I just happen to love all things BBC (mostly), and I loved that Merlin was a dork and Arthur was pompous (because from there he is humbled over and over again...)

    I'll head over to your blog. Plot developing stages are love/hate for me (usually depending how much progress I make :D

  10. Hey, girl
    I'm at The Scripps Research Institute--8 years now, previously at The Salk Institute, which is next door

  11. Congrats on making 100! I just did the same recently. And our posts today have an eerily similar look and feel about them. As for that motto thing, here's mine (I keep in on my iPhone):

    Push hard, stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

  12. Bethany - I KNOW SCRIPPS!!! And eight years? Impressive. Thanks for all the research you do over there!

    Nancy - Yeah, you weren't kidding, were you? Congrats to you, too! And I like that motto :)

  13. Great links, I'll have to check them out :) And congrats on your book!!!!! How exciting!!!

  14. YOU are welcome, and thanks so much!

  15. Love your motto, and OMG Merlin! My sister is like obsessed with the show. Haha. Watched the first ep of S4, and it's pretty awesome. :)

    Congrats on breaking 100 followers!!!

  16. Krispy - Oh my goodness! And i haven't even seen episode 1 of S4. So jealous.

    And thanks ;D

  17. Oh it looks AWESOME!! I hadn't heard of it cuz we don't watch TV either.... hubby and I are watching the Lost seasons on DVD right now and in the middle of season 3. But I'm so getting this one when we're done!

  18. Oh, goodie! Let me know once you start watching so I can geek out with you! (ps I loved Lost...but stopped watching somewhere in the middle. Don't really know why...)


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