Friday, October 14, 2011

The Seven Deadly...

...Key Commands.

Ha! Thought I was gonna say something like "Sins," didn't you? (or "Zins" if you're a wine-oh)

Well, Ben sent this to me, and I thought it was hilarious. It was also very appropriate because I've been spending a ton of time pinning down my characters' flaws for book 2. Why couldn't it just be this straight forward?

My one is "wrath." What's yours? :D

On another, happier note, today is Pay It Forward Friday! (Thanks Matt and Alex for hosting) The idea is to introduce all of us to everyone else, and I'm to link to three blogs you guys should check out. SO HARD PICKING ONLY THREE! 

1. Peggy Eddleman - She's got some of the most entertaining posts about writing, and has such a unique perspective! Plus, she likes to be mean and throw in pictures of cookies all the time which really challenges my morning diet...

2. Ashley Nixon - I just love her to pieces! She's got such an awesome attitude about, well, everything and writes tons of good posts about writing and finding inspiration for stories (something we all need at times). Go say hello!

3. Julie Tuovi - Another awesome and energetic blogger I wish I could keep in my pocket. She's got a lot of great insight on writing and is a great resource for blogfests and contests.

4. Cherie - Now, I'm a new-ish follower of her, but she's fabulous! Very encouraging and supportive, and writes a tone about writing and is also a great resource for blogfests and contests.

(yes, i know i listed four. it's not in my nature to follow least not very well...)

Remember, it's never too late to join the blogfest...and please, go pay a visit to the bloggers above.

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay!! Thanks for the holla! You're a dear ( :

    Also, I'm SO guilty of wrath..."Stupid freakin computer! Ctrl, alt, delete! Ctrl, alt, delete!" Haha! What a funny pic... I might copy you at some point [gasp! Wait, now I have envy?!] I'll wait an acceptable period of time, of course, so no one knows I'm such a copy cat. Muahahahaha!

    P.s. Downloaded your book onto my smart phone, so now its more portable! I'm reading it like a crazy person now!! Yay! [This would be tje appropriate time to throw a Nook commercial in my face....] Haha!

  2. AWW!! You know what's awesome!? I follow all these blogs!! And they're wonderful.

    LOL! I feel like I am guilty of pride...I save every new thing. LOL.

  3. Jules - HA! You just made me laugh. Poor thing, guilty of two - TWO! I'm SO much better... (Uh, pride??)

    p.s. YAY!!!! Oh, I'm so happy! Let me know when you're done bc I'll have tons of questions!

    Ash - That IS wonderful, though I'm sorry I couldn't show you any new ones. :( Shoot, I save everything TOO!

  4. Hah! I love your honest keys.

    And thanks for taking part in the best, Barbara, you've highlighted some great blogs.

  5. Awww! Thanks for spotlighting me! I'm crazy flattered! I absolutely love the other blogs you chose, too.

    I don't know about Pride, but I'm going to keep on Ctrl-S-ing. Save, save, save again.

  6. HEE! I've got the "CTRL + S", but it's soooo not pride. It's total fear of "I've lost so much stuff before so I must hit this ALL THE TIME." LOL, my AutoSave is set to save every minute in case my computer freezes or anything. ;)

  7. Matt - No prob!...but thank YOU for putting this on! It's hard getting to know everyone, but things like this help tremendously.

    Peggy - My pleasure! Thanks for being so inspirational and writing posts I love to read...and congrats AGAIN on getting an agent! SO EXCITING!

    Laura - LOL! Which reminds me...I need to set my settings so my computer autosaves ever few minutes.... *runs to Word*

  8. I agree about Julie! She's a real life Polly Pocket!!! :D

  9. M.S - OH MY GOODNESS that was perfect! My stomach hurts I'm laughing so hard...*falls off chair*

  10. I was afraid I was dating myself. I'm so glad someone caught it. LOL

  11. Gluttony, that's mine. I abuse way too much CAPS LOCK on the interwebs. I also do love food. Hmm...

    Thanks for the links to check out! :)

  12. Hi! Count me in as a new "Pay it Forward" follower! Thanks for the links. :-)

  13. M.S. - Ha! My little sister LOVED Polly Pocket :D Um, that was a LONG time ago...

    Krispy - I DO THAT TOOOOOO!!!! *hangs head* And I love to eat. Oh, dear...

    Shannon - OH, YAY! So glad to have you join!

  14. Awww, you are way too nice and sweet! THANK YOU! Love yah, beautiful! ;)

  15. Oh, Barbara, those keys are hysterical. I love them. I think lately mine's been the escape key.

  16. Yeah, I did 4 too! Such rebels! Thanks for sharing.

  17. No, it's not too late to join! Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  18. Bahahahaha! Misery loves company!! (So does pride... hahaha!)

    P.s. I also forwarded you. Cause you rock.

  19. Awesome recommendations!

    New follower. Nice to meet you!

  20. The 7 deadly keystroke sins is brilliant!

    Great links too, they are all pretty awesome. :)

  21. haha keys and sins, definitely a win, at least as far as comparing goes..haha. Blog hopped your way and never fear I cheated and did more than 3 too.

  22. Cherie - Oh, YOU are most welcome, my dear!

    Donna - I hear ya! My "escape key" moments happen a good deal more often than I care to admit...

    Nancy - :D It's so hard limiting, isn't it?

    Alex - Thank YOU for putting it on!

    Julie - Awww :D

    Alison - Well, hello!! Nice to "meet" you too!

    Lydia - So glad you agree - I couldn't stop smiling when I saw it.

    Pat - Hello! Gosh, so looks like this is a theme. Maybe we need a keep for "never-follows-directions"...Oh, wait. Or maybe that's the entire Windows system...

  23. I went ahead and paid homage to you in my Pay It Forward. You're just too darn good to be true! LOL

  24. M.S. - Awww, you had my at Polly Pocket :)

  25. Your 7 deadly keystroke sins is awesome. Thank you for visiting my blog

  26. i missed the pay it forward hop, so coming fashionably late to say hello! nice to meet you barbara :)

  27. Melissa - So glad you like them!

    Jeremy - Well, hello! Nice to meet you, too!

  28. It's been fun hopping around this blogfest. I like the 7 Deadly Keys.

  29. Hi Theresa! Glad you enjoyed them ;)

  30. Hi Barbara,
    Just stopping by to say HI!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog during Pay it Forward.
    Great post about the seven deadly key strokes.
    Donna V.

  31. I know those gals you speak of, and you're ABSOLUTELY right--brilliant, funny, creative & supportive all around!

  32. Great blog picks! And as for the 7 Deadly Keys: I need to pick more than one.

  33. Irishoma - Hello, there!! Thanks for saying "hey"!

    Bethany - SO glad you know them already!...I love them :D

    Cynthia - I hear, maybe I could pick all seven? Depends on the day...

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