Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration and Talking Frogs...


I. Love. This. Billboard.

I don't know why, really. Maybe it's because I grew up on Big Bird and Miss Piggy and Vampires that "count." Maybe it's because I like talking frogs. Whatever the reason, I saw this, and could not stop laughing.

But then, of course, like any good ad will do, it made me think...

People may not always understand your dreams. They may not agree with them or like them. They might sneer and snicker and smirk. They might stand back and ogle you like you've grown a third arm and suddenly started speaking parseltongue...

And that's okay. They're YOUR dreams, not theirs.

Like Mark Twain said, "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

I love things that inspire us to be better and challenge us to conquer the world, so after seeing this brilliant billboard, I decided to look into its sponsor: The Foundation for a Better Life.

Their values?

"The Foundation for a Better Life recognizes that everyone views the world through a unique lens and our objective is to provide a wide spectrum of values that are universal, encouraging and inspiring." 

"How wonderful!" says I, and then I started clicking around.

They've got more slogans like Kermit's, and loads of quotes (my favorite!...if you couldn't tell...), like this one:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain (1835-1910)

(I know, I know, another Mark Twain quote...)

You can find the website HERE.

Go have a look around, and be inspired to do something great!

What are your dreams?...And what are you doing to live them?

More eyewitness accounts...

***If you like YA Fantasy, check out my book, GAIA'S SECRET. The sequel is coming soon!


  1. I am proud to say I NEVER find peoples' dreams--no matter what it may be--ridiculous. I do not know why, but I love hearing about them. It makes me happy to read or watch people explain their greatest aspirations. I immediately envisage how they'll look once they've accomplished it--the mirth in their eyes and the bounce in their step.

    Dreams are fuel for the soul. In the darkest of time, it can be the light that guides us through the darkness.

    It's good to see you again Miss Lip Kloss. :D

    1. You are SO RIGHT!

      I also think the reason you don't find peoples' dreams ridiculous is because you're living your own. (GOOD JOB!) When you're living your own, you realize how scary and lonely it can be, and you have immediate respect for anyone else that has the courage to put themselves out there.

      Um, and how's that MS coming along??? HMMMMM???

    2. I like this reply feature. I'm gonna put this on my blog too.

      Right now I'm working on the outline. I like things to be in place before I start writing because I honestly hate revising. I know that's bad, but it really sucks to write over 80,000 words and then rewrite the entire thing. I've spent years doing this over and over, I think now I need a new course of action. I tried an outline with my last MS and it worked GOR-GEOUS-LY!

      I hope things are going swimmingly with Book 2 in your series?

    3. Good for you! And I laughed - honestly hate revising. Yeah, I hear ya. After a few rewrites, it does make one hesitant to embark on the inevitable re-write journey again. With my sequel, I wrote a HUGE outline with a separate character reference guide, and WOW it's going by fast! Sure, I have to go back in and really sharpen/edit in some things, but so much better. So, I wish you the BEST of luck with that outline!!!!

  2. Ha, I love it. I also like the public service announcements they have on TV. They always make me feel so happy to alive.

    Those quotes are beautiful, especially the last Mark Twain one.

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you like those quotes...Mark Twain is just full of all kinds of goodness!

  3. Kermit makes me happy too, because I remember watching him with my kids. Speaking of kids, I think that one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their children is the belief that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves if they work for it. Thanks for the thoughts.

    1. What a wonderful memory!!!

      And I completely agree - I hope that someday, when/if Ben and i have kids, we do that for them, because I know with writing, the support alone has made all of this possible.

  4. KERMIT!!!! Still as awesome now as he was when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing this, and those quotes!

    1. Ha...don't you just smile when you see his little green face??? :D

  5. This is wonderful. Seriously wonderful. And so appropriate for writers. Because man alive is it hard. And the chance of making it is small. But you gotta keep dreaming. I love those billboard posters.

    Pass it on :)

    1. Thanks!!! I'm so glad you love them, because I SURE DO!

  6. I've never noticed that we have any billboards like this in the UK - we probably don't! They're great and so inspiring. I'm going to look round the website now. Thanks for sharing this, Barbara!

  7. Thanks for sharing this, Barbara. Finishing my book and seeing it published was my dream. I dreamt it for over twenty years. Now that I have achieved that, I try and make it my mission to inspire others; especially young people. When I meet them at library events, book signings or social networks, I really try to get them not to see what I can do, but what they can do if they try. Have no regrets, I tell them.


  8. LOVE!

    You rock girly!! And you inspire me too!!

    P.s. How awesome is it that you work HP into almost EVERY blog post? TOTALLY awesome! Hahaha!

  9. LOVE this! Yay! Onward-- FOR NARNIA!!!

  10. LOL!
    And there's no way to disagree with this! There are times I get discouraged and feel my dreams are really insane, but somehow I always hold onto them...I think they get stronger the older I get.

  11. All images are smiling. THAT'S the difference.

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