Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello? Brain? Where Are You?

I think I've probably started three different blogposts, but none of them have gone anywhere because I can't seem to get past sentence #1.

I stare and stare (and stareandstareandstare), wondering what in the heck I'd sat down to write about in the first place, and then I'd do the following:

For about an hour.


(SIDE NOTE: I've been staring at this screen for fifteen minutes already. On the plus side, I've made it past sentence #1!!!! I WILL SUCCEED!!!!)

It's the same with reading, too. And talking? Yeah...

My vocabulary has been reduced to a grab bag of words commonly carried by a toddler.


Me: "Oh, how cute! Look at those"
Ben: *waits patiently*
Me: *points* "On that little boy over there. You know, those little shoes...the ones like you have that you wear've got two pairs, and..."
Ben: *arches brow* "Crocs?"

Did you know your brain shrinks during pregnancy? I certainly didn't (thanks, Laura!). So, I am patiently waiting for Baby Kloss to hand me my full-sized brain back in November, along with some of my energy. SERIOUSLY. I didn't suffer from Severe Energy Loss in the beginning, but now...? I come home from work and it's like...

Really, though, despite my cognitive inabilities, I wanted to "check in" and say, "HIIIIEEEEEE!" because it's been a while and WE'RE OFFICIALLY IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER!

It's been an interesting 7 months and BK moves A TON. I think he's in there doing this...

...right now, in fact. Anything I set on my belly, he punches. It's especially great when that "anything" happens to be a full cup of coffee. (I ONLY DRINK ONE CUP!)

I get to fly "home" this week (I am SO excited to see my family and friends!), one more trip to Delaware the following week, then no more flying for a while. I can't believe how fast this is all going by, or that there will be a little man living with us in less than three months. Needless to say, we are VERY excited to meet him!

And I must incredible husband, Ben, should be sainted. No, really. He has been waiting on me hand and foot, picking up ALL the slack when I've been couch-bound, and not once complaining about it.

So, yeah. Thanks to all of you for your patience - whether you've voluntarily offered it or not. I'm here...just not really. :DDD

Oh, and feel free to share any crazy pregnant brain stories. They make me feel better about myself.

Happy Monday!!

ps. for any of you that may be wondering how this affects book 3 progress, know that the comprehensive outline for it is done, and i will commence writing it once my brain cooperates. if i push the matter, i'm afraid of mutiny.


  1. Well, it's not the size of the brain that's the issue, but the wrinkles.

    1. LOL, Andrew :D I think I"m screwed either way, then...

    2. LOL Are you saying you have a smooth brain?

  2. dont get your hopes up, come November this baby will not hand back your full-sized brain. Probably should come to grips with the fact that your brain is forever changed. but in all good ways. looking forward to seeing you and your bump this weekend.

    1. Oh, GEEZE. Well, if my brain changes in BAD ways, I'm coming after you!! So excited to see you, too, and your NON-bump :D (seriously. 3 kiddos and SO can't tell.)

  3. I agree with Dani! Like your body, your brain will find a new normal! And you will not care once BK comes! We need to get together soon so you can meet your future babysitter! :-). See you in DE next week!

    1. ACK! Oh, NO!!!

      But we DEFINITELY need to get together soon - babysitter or no! We'll talk soon!! ;D

  4. Barbara,

    Wow! I knew you were extremely gifted and talented, but did not know you were a writer - how awesome! Hey...what font are you using at the top of your blog page for your name? - it's lovely :D . - maria jennings

    1. My goodness, Maria, thanks! And lol, blog font...lemme's called "crushed." Wait, do you have a blog?!?!?!?!

    2. Nope, no blog...schucks!! Maybe one day, two semesters from now when I finish my masters...which takes up most of my time outside of Mommyland!!...but I love it (Architecture & Design) so it's all worth it. Anyway, I digress thanks for the font response - I LOVE "crushed!"'re such a beautiful pregnant woman - love your belly :D - maria

    3. WOW! Good for YOU!! That's awesome...and I KNOW that takes a LOT of time. Those design projects...O.O I'm so excited for you! And thank you! I certainly don't feel beautiful...ugh. *puts you in my pocket* :D

  5. *Snort!* I'd try and get your brain back sooner than later because those 4am feedings do nothing to jump start the brainwaves. Especially if you're NOT a morning person.

    FYI- My sister also thought it would get better too. But then she starting waking up looking and talking like Phyllis Diller and suddenly had new found humor for boob jokes was seriously side splitting.

    I wish you all the best with BK!!! LOL


      But LOL, thanks!

  6. Oh Barbara. The whole time I am reading this post I am thinking, "When will I ever get my normal sized brain back???" 4 kids later and I often walk away from conversations with people worrying that they think I am absolutely crazy because I keep pausing or losing my focus/train of thought during our conversation. It's the worst with names. I was never great at name recall before, but now I am terrible!!!

    I hope you are feeling better though. Enjoy your time in sunny CA.

    1. Hahaha! Well, I don't think you're crazy. You've got fOUR ADDITIONAL PEOPLE ON YOUR MIND!!!!

      And thanks!

  7. Oh my heart, I simply LOVE you!!

    I feel the same way... (staring off into space, totally void of energy, brain dead, etc.)... but pretty sure being preggers isn't my problem. No... MY problem is that my sister talked me into training for a half marathon with her....

    *cricket, cricket*

    .... Oh, AND, before this week I had never run more than two consecutive miles IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

    Um, yeah. I pretty much feel like I've been pulverized with a medieval battering ram. Hurt. Everywhere.

    But here I am, attempting to ONE UP you, WHEN THAT IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!! YOU are the one who is preggers and sentenced to absolute misery for NINE WHOLE MONTHS!! If I feel pulverized by a battering ram, YOU probably feel like a castle wall under a long term siege! Battering rams. Vats of hot oil. Sharp arrows. Spears. And the occasional explosion to boot.

    *slaps self on the hand* Bad Julie! Consider me reprimanded.

    I'm SO, SO, SO, SO, SO sorry that pregnancy hasn't been all sunshine and roses for you. Poor Barb!!

    But you DO, in fact, have a stellar hubby... he keeps leaving these adorably sweet messages about you on Facebook... *awwwwww* I think you got a keeper there ( ;

    ANY-WHOOOO... your attention span has probably wavered AT LEAST 15 times since you started reading my comment (ahem, novel), so I should probably still my overly rambunctious little typing fingers and let you get back to sleeping! ( ;

    Just had to let you know that EVEN IF your brain was a bit out of it while writing this post, your little video picture thing-ys kept me TOTALLY enthralled. Consider it a successful post ( : Hehe.

  8. Holy. Crap.

    It really WAS a novel, wasn't it?!

    SORRY!! Haha ( :

  9. This was so cute!! I'm so glad we got connected through MWU wives! And I'm so excited for you to welcome your little man. Boys are TONS of fun!

    <3 New follower Ames

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