Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heat, Editing, and Disney Princes...

Well, everyone, in the land of sand and sun, Ben and I have been adjusting to a few things, like (1) heat and (2) more heat. Really, it isn't so bad. When you go throughout your day expecting your surroundings to resemble a large-scale oven, it's amazing what you can withstand. I'm finding it's all about attitude. And lots of drinking water.

Now that the dust has settled, I've been able to return to my story to finish this last round of edits. After two years, multiple re-writes, beta reads, and lots of tears, I feel that it's finally time to say "Finito!" Still, it's difficult. As writers (&, well, people in general), we are always growing and changing and learning, and because of that, we can always find something to tweak just a little bit more. I recently listened to an interview with James Dashner that encouraged me. Even after agent, editor, and publisher feedback, and seeing his book on the shelves, he still had things he wanted to tweak and fix.

I want to hear from some of you with regards to editing - when do you know it's time to say "Finito!" ?

And lastly, some advice from Disney on how to make your literary heart-throb irresistible:

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  1. You are too funny miss Lip Kloss. I especially love the bit about expecting your surroundings to resemble a large scale oven. AHAHAHA!

    The sun isn't so bad. Sure, it can give you cancer and damage the melanin in your skin so you appear darker than you really are (moi), but other than that-it's awesome! ^_^

    So you're finally done with revisions, eh? Well I'm dying to see what you got. Send me some and I'll read, read and!

    It's time to say finito when you reach the end Barbara Gloss--geesh, didn't they teach you anything? ;)

    Seriously though, the end is a tricky bit of magic to work. It has to complete the story in its entirety and tie all loose ends. Not to mention, it must leave your reader satisfied. It's a lot easier than it sounds--don't be scared by what other people say about it. Ultimately, what you write comes from your heart, and more often than not it is evident on the page. So just write it and fix it later.

    Those Disney characters have it wrong! You need fangs, pale, cold skin; a thirst for blood and glittering skin. You also need rock hard abs and the ability to turn into an oversized puppy.

    Now that is how you make a literary heart-throb. Can I get an Amen?

  2. Attitude is everything! :)

    Love the Disney prince thing. Didn't really think about it separately, but when you put them all together like that, it seems obvious. But I still totally love Prince Philip. Haha.

  3. I wish I could tell you… I assume, I’ll know when it’s done when I feel I can make it better. We as writer grow from every revision, so we could spend the rest of our lives revising. I guess what I am getting at is this: if you feel you have polished the work to the best of your ability; then I would suggest seeking representation of your work… at least then you’ll see if your work is saleable. If it isn’t—then it’s back to the revision stage, or writing the next book stage.

    Either way we as writers need to be moving forward. if your revision are stagnant, you might want to move on to the next book.

  4. BARBARA here...blogger is being mean.

    Tyson - Well Mr. Caribbean, not all of us have our skin primed for that kind of sun exposure :) Mine probably won't end up looking like yours. And you KNOW I'll let you know when I'm done! I'd like your long as it's nice. :D

    And you're SO right...we must write and fix later! It's still hard knowing when to stop "fixing".

    HAHA Stephanie Meyer obviously didn't listen to Disney...

    Krispy - I love Prince Phillip!!I know, I hadn't thought about it like that either, and laughed when I saw that photo.

    Jeff - So right! Do all that you can (had an agent tell me the very same thing you said - polish to the best of YOUR ability, and when you feel you've done all YOU can do, submit). And if you come to find your work isn't "sale-able", then it's time to make some decisions. Those are just as difficult, I think.

  5. Yes... attitude... too true, and a bit of sunblock doesn't hurt ( ; Good ol' Texas hit 104 here this past weekend and all I kept thinking was "My 'lanta, I'm glad I'm not in Phoenix!" You have my sympathies... here's me sending cool thoughts your way!

    Also, CONGRATS on the finito! P.s. Awesome that you use the word finito. Music? I think yes. Speaking of which, you should know I started learning a new piece the other day by your man Chopin. Thought you'd appreciate that ( ;

    Now I'm off to add a rich, charming, famous, good looking man to my WIP... can never have enough of those, right?

  6. Good thing in real life all you have to be is rich.

  7. Oh! I love that picture. It's too true--and sad, so sad. Because there are skads of beautiful men (inside) who become charming and good looking once people see that inner beauty.

    About what Dashner said, that's good to hear. He also said about querying that he took his wife out to dinner with every 10 rejections. I'm going to do that if I ever get brave enough to query.

  8. Excellent question. I keep messing with mine... but I feel like it is really close to being done... until a publisher says otherwise. (=

    Thanks for commenting on my bog. (= Yes the trip was amazing and I did live in London years ago as a student.
    Scotland rocks. (=

  9. Donna - nice to meet you! And thanks for sharing that about Dashner. I have the urge to follow his idea, though I'd go broke :)

    Jo - That's great you feel you're almost done!'s so hard to quit messing. And I'm so jealous you lived in London as a student!! :D

  10. I'd say when you're just tweaking the same words over and over again w/o making any "real" changes you are ready to go. Unsure? Then put it away for a week or two and re-read. But if you've been working on it for 2 years, and think it's done... You might just be afraid to start the next step. My advice is to start a new WIP while you query this one. :D Good luck!

  11. Yes, Lisa, excellent point! Tweak...retweak...back to original...*pulls out hair* I've put mine away for 3, 2 month periods. I always find things I want to fix. I think my issue is more a fear of letting go :D

    Thanks for the comment!

  12. I love the Disney advice!
    And I never know when to stop editing. Usually I stop when I can't stand to look at it any more.

  13. Now Beth, I like that answer :D Probably cause that's just about where I'm at...

  14. Congrats on the finito! I also struggle with when to call it quits. I guess it's at a point where I'm happy with every sentence, and the way they reveal the story. It's hard though. I've often finished stories and looked back over them a year later and seen things I'd change.
    Anyway, exciting news for you.

  15. Hilarious! Thank you for visiting my blog. Good to hear you've finished. We share something in common already!

    As for when to say finito? I'd say after the Betas have a read. Tweak with whatever feedback is helpful, start shopping, and start another. I'm excited to hear more about it. :)

  16. I am STILL working to figure out when to say finito. I'm on full revision #10. After the last two, I thought I was done. Then I did another revision and made it even better. Then another. Now I'm starting on another that is making it REALLY better. Hopefully I'll know to stop soon....

  17. Congrats on finishing and great advice from Disney:)

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