Sunday, June 12, 2011

Road Trip Photos!!

Here they are!!...well, some of them. There's enough to warrant their own link, rather than make everyone suffer through a really, really long blog post. *sighs relief*

Anyhoo, if you're interested here's a link to our album on Facebook:

Road Trip through the Wild, Wild West

Or, if you're a minimalist and prefer the "synopsis" *cringes*, here's the one page summary. (so boring...yawn.)


  1. Wow those photos are amazing! Looks like such a cool road trip. Did you get lots of story inspiration?

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Working and playing hard-keep it up miss Lip Kloss. (hehe)

    I hope we can see you blogging regularly again. I miss your personality. :D

  4. Those are so awesome! Did you go thru Moab, Utah at all??
    The west is the best (as Jim Morrison would say.)
    Looks like you had such a nice trip. Driving in the western US states is something everyone should do. Years ago I helped my BF move to Colorado from FLA and we had such a great time from Arizona to Colorado ... such beautiful country!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm hopefully heading there this time next year. Your photos made me more excited!

  6. Great pictures! What a beautiful drive!

  7. Sari - was!! And you KNOW it was inspiring! We can't ALL live in gorgeous places like NZ or Aussie land, but we make due :D

    Misty - Sure thing! Though I must say, the drive to Portland was probably more in line with my favorite colors.

    Tyson - Ha! Thanks, though I believe we should all learn from YOUR personality.

    Pk - No we did NOT go through Moab, but I think I should someday soon! Arizona to CO?! How fun and GORGEOUS! I totally agree...everyone should drive through the west. LOVELY countryside!

    Lana - Thanks!! Where are you planning to go? Have so much fun!!!

    Nicole - Thanks! The scenery made the drive go by SO fast!

  8. Unfortunately I couldn't get onto your Facebook album. I'll have to try later; it sounds like you have some wonderful photos!

  9. Nice pictures Binsky! Time for break. Must go to
    coffeeland.....STAT EG last nite at 0300.

  10. Will have to check out the rest of the photos later, but I love the panoramic view! So much open space and possibilities! Thank you for sharing.

  11. LOVE your photos, woman! I grew up in Idaho, myself, so I definitely see the beauty in sage brush and mountains ( : You made me trunky for home!

    P.s. Glad you're back to blogging, we missed you!

  12. Thanks everyone!...and see Julie...road trips aren't always so bad :D

    ps Chris, that's TERRIBLE! I can't say I miss the early morning call...


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