Thursday, June 23, 2011

JK Rowling will Self Pub Harry Potter

Wow. And a few thoughts by Joe Konrath...

What do you guys think?? I mean, it'll be interesting to see how she builds her fan base :)


  1. Oh my goodness this is just so sad and depressing. Bookstores going under?! That would be horrible!!

    I DO however think J.K. made a good decision to self pub this time around. She clearly already has an established fan base. If she didn't self pub it'd just be money out of her pocket.

    Here's me just hoping Mr. Dooms-Day-Blogger is wrong about the death spiral...

  2. Good point Julie... when you sell 400 million copies of a book, who needs a publisher, and not to mention she is already a billionaire and can afford to invest in her own success--which is guaranteed!!!

  3. Yeah...I wish I had HER fan base :) Seems like an easy decision for her. And I can't wait to see what she does!

  4. She's a smart lady with a great marketing team, but I don't know if I'd straight up call it self-pub. There's a more detailed article I read on the Guardian website about it, saying her publishers are still involved. It's just that Pottermore will be the exclusive site for selling the ebooks. So JKR cuts out the middleman of like Amazon. Pretty genius. :)

    I think this is the article:

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